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Mission Statement
At Rock Trade Industries, we have strived for sustainability through innovation from the beginning and thus making it our motto. We aim to engender an environment of consultative, progressive and creative development in hope to continue maintaining a successful, stable and vibrant company whilst contributing to the welfare of the business, employees, local economy, and community through committing to our core values and visions below.

Sustainability Through Innovation





Sustainability by aiming to achieve 100% utilization of material mined from the site.

Sustainability for the environment and for future generations.

Sustainability in end use of the site.

Sustainability in management decisions and financial results.

Sustainability to the region and beyond as a valued contributor to the local and extended communities.

Through a combination of innovation, technological creativity, research and development, we strive to design and engineer fit for purpose superior quality products.

To be creative and not limited in our vision and never willing to accept second best.

Through collaboration with quality learning institutions, provide a venue for continued education for research and development.

To develop a strategic plan for risk management while continuing to
foster and develop our innovative products and design program.
To support local initiatives and community services wherever and whenever possible.

To be a valued contributor not only through progressive employment opportunities, but also to provide a stable environment that supports local and regional growth and development.

To create and engender a collaborative partnership delivering superior service and quality whilst backed by technical support for our clients.

To embrace all clients and staff as part of the RTI Family.

Staff to always operate with safety first in mind and productivity next.

To foster, train and develop skills that will create a work family committed to achieving short and long term goals.
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