Where It All Begins
"Bolderland" as we like to call it is where it all begins. This is the birth place for majority of our products. Big blocks are cut out of the ground where its rested for millions of years. Then graded, sorted and allocated to a different pad for processing. For some of our Boulderland products, continue scrolling.
  1. Multifit (B Grade)
    Multifit (B Grade)
  2.  Classic (A Grade)
    Classic (A Grade)
  3. Rustic (Premium)
    Rustic (Premium)
  4. Random

Our Classic blocks are made within a 30mm tolerance to ensure a more uniform and precise product for customers that envisige a contemporary look for with their surroundings.

Our Rustic blocks may be a chipped or flawed Classic block but dont let this fool you as it is definitely one of the favourites amongst our customers.

Our Multifit may come in various sized blocks but these ununiformed blocks can be creatively placed to achieve very unique finishes.

Our Random rocks are the most natural looking selection that is perfect for anyone on a budget. Aesthetically pleasing and affordable, need we say more!

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