Newly washed sand

RTI R & D News #4 - UQ Uconn Sustainability Business program January 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Greg Lennox


  1. Newly washed sand
    30 Sep, 2016
    RTI R & D News #3 - Sand Update & Arena Sand
    Sand Some exciting successes have been achieved by a blue chip concrete company since they commenced using RTI sand in their concrete mix designs. Since their decision over 1 year ago to use this high quality, Queensland Department of Main Roads approved concrete sand, they have achieved consistently superior finishes due to the unique properties of this material, namely the total absence of organic material, and the absence  of any deleterious clay materials which are one of the primary
  2. Newly washed sand
    30 Jun, 2016
    RTI R & D News #2 - Sand & Roadbase
    Roadbase A program of research and development has commenced to produce a superior material suitable for unsealed road construction with in the Lockyer Valley regional council area. The specific scope of this research was to produce material with the following characteristics:   Minimal dusting   Well bound   Not slippery when wet   Strong and durable Utilising material on site, a test product was engineered and has been successfully used in the local region. This material has proven
  3. RTI R & D News #1 - The Beginning
    31 Mar, 2016
    RTI R & D News #1 - The Beginning
    Scotbar Pty Ltd T/A Rocktrade Industries Sustainability through innovation has been our goal from day one. Sustainability in the resource, sustainability in management decisions and actions, diversity and innovation in the product range, continuity in production,  compliance to regulatory requirements, industry best standards  and 100% utilization of extracted material.