Scientific Sandstone Solutions

Leaders in the advanced manufacture, production and supply of sandstone, aggregate stone, road base and premium sand in South East Queensland.

High quality boulders, crushed stone and sand.

Sandstone is a versatile material that has been used over many generations to construct some of the world’s most prestigious and beautiful buildings. In the modern era it continues to be a highly sort after material for construction, monuments and features, and landscaping.

Since 2007, Rock Trade Industries has produced high quality sandstone boulders, crushed stone, premium sand and gravel at the Waterfall Quarry in Helidon. We are suppliers to some of Australia’s largest companies and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials for the asphalt and concrete industries.

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We believe in sustainability through innovation.

Our entire team is committed to creating a sustainable environment by redefining the way we utilise resources, rehabilitate land and use electricity. Thanks to innovations developed through our research and development program, 100% of all resources from our Waterfall Quarry are turned into products ensuring there is no waste.

We are also working on turning Waterfall Quarry into a renewable energy source that provides electricity to our surrounding community.


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