About Rock Trade Industries

Rock Trade Industries is a recognised industry leader in the mining and extraction of high quality sandstone products in South East Queensland.
Since 2007, we have operated the Waterfall Quarry at Helidon and now supply some of Australia's largest companies with high quality sandstone boulders, crushed stone, sand and gravel. We are also a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials for the asphalt and concrete industry.
Proud Winner of The Environmental and Sustainability Award, Lockyer Valley Regional Council Business, Training and Apprenticeship Awards 2017
  • Mission Statement

    We are committed to our core values of:

    People – Sustainability through Renewables – Innovation – Community & Legacy

    We engender a working environment that is consultative and progressive creating a successful, stable, vibrant, resilient company. We are dedicated to the welfare of our employees, the community in which we operate, and the contribution we can make to our local and national economy.

  • Our Philosophy

    Sustainability through investment, distinguished research and development, innovation and practice.

    Rock Trade Industries is dedicated to the care of the environment. We are the only mining and extraction company in Australia currently working in collaboration with the Urban Development Institute of Australia to develop a EnviroDevelopment rating certification method for mining and extraction operations.

    Historically, sandstone mining and extraction practices have had a noticeable impact on vegetation and wildlife, with the land left in a state of disrepair that takes decades to revegetate. At Rock Trade Industries we believe this is not an adequate approach to land rehabilitation. Our policies and operational practices are designed to minimise the impact on our local environment.

    The Australian bush and landscape is precious. We can make a difference and leave a legacy for future generations safeguarding the world in which we live.

  • Our Clients

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