Rock Trade Industries is a recognised industry leader in the mining and extraction of sandstone. We have operated the Waterfall Quarry in Helidon since 2007.

Over recent years, we have diversified our operations to become a supplier of quality sandstone boulders, crushed stone, sand and gravel to some of Australia‚Äôs largest companies. We are also a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials for the asphalt and concrete industry. Our R&D program has developed a unique process to extract quartz crystal from sandstone. This product has gained an industry-wide reputation as being “the best sand” for the production of asphalt and concrete.



Our commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly operational practices have seen Rock Trade Industries redefine the way we utilise our resources. Thanks to innovations developed through our research and development program, 100% of all resources from our Waterfall Quarry are turned into products ensuring there is no waste.

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