Green Business Australia

Rock Trade Industries hosted an international delegation for the 4th Annual UQ UConn annual “Green Business Australia” Immersion program that ran from the 4th-14th Jan 2016.

Delegates in attendance were from the following faculties and institutions:

  • San Diego State University Centre for International business education and Research (SDUS CIBER)
  • Centre for Economics Education/Small business and Minority Entrepreneurship at Albany State University
  • University of Connecticut
  • Technical Manager Bank of America
  • Director of CIBER
  • Executive Director of World Affairs Council Connecticut
  • College of Business at Southern University and A&M College
  • Several eminent educationalists from throughout the United states

On this tour, delegates were surprised to see not only a prototype plant producing high grade sand but was being used by one on the nations largest concrete producers. Besides the existing use of dam and waste cell lining, the delegates also highlighted the possibility for the by-product of the sand production to be utilised in the cosmetics industries.

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