Road Base V2.36

The results of an intense research and development program, and the implementing of advanced crushing technology, has enabled Rock Trade Industries to engineer road bases to rigid specifications and quality standards. Road base consists of course, and fine aggregate particles, shape and hardness of the aggregate is critical to the production of high quality hard wearing road surface.

Also important is the type of fines material used as a binder. Rock Trade Industries produce individual finished products that meet the specification for grading, strength and shape, plasticity index, lineal shrinkage, fines ratio, durability and workability. When blended at the appropriate percentages, it produces a high quality, easily worked road base for various applications. Moisture content is also critical to the successful compaction of the material and all road base material is supplied close to optimum moisture level reducing the requirement of water to be transported to site. Through this process Rock Trade Industries have successfully developed specialised road base material for unsealed roads that when laid correctly, provides a well bound durable non-slip surface, with reduced dusting, resulting in a very long-lasting road surface.

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